• This original Malagasy townhouse is furnished throughout with antiques and family souvenirs, and invites you to journey back to the early twentieth century. After a day in the bustle of Antananarivo, you can relax on our tea terrace and enjoy the breathtaking view out
    over the old city centre.

    The Legend

    Once upon a time, at the summit of the royal hill of Tananarive, on the very same site as Lokanga Hotel, lived the musicians of Queen Ranavalona II…


    The six en-suite bedrooms are individually decorated in authentic colonial French and English style, and offer all modern comforts and luxury. Each room is fully equipped with Wi-Fi reception, TV…


    Telephone : + 261 32 03 530 71
    or + 261 20 22 235 49

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    Lokanga Boutique Hotel
    Lokanga Boutique Hotel is in the heart of a historical neighbourhood, right next to the Queen’s Palace

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