A La carte


Mixed or vegetarian tapas — 20.000 AR

Assortment of mixed or vegetarian fingerfood

Plate of samosas — 15.000 AR

Assortment of samosas (fish, cheese, vegetables, meat) with sweet and sour sauce and

peanut sauce

Terrine of foie gras with cape gooseberry reduction and chocolate glaze on french spice

cake — 26.000 AR

Cantonese tapas — 25.000 AR

Assortment of bouchon (pork or chicken), pao, green dim sum, tibetan-style pork

ravioli, shrimp on his little cushion

Majunga-style seafood salad  Starter/Main course— 22.000/30.000 AR

Smoked fish, squid and shrimp with sliced ginger, onions, mafana and lettuce

Singapore chicken with mafana salad — 25.000 AR

Wok-tossed crispy chicken pops with peppers and scallions in sweet and sour sauce

Main courses

Burmese seafood curry with flat noodles — 36.000 AR

Aromatic burmese curry of squid, shrimp, crab and fish served with wok-tossed rice noodles

Noodle salad with chicken or shrimp — 33.000 AR

THB fish with pickled lemons served with potato purée and vegetables — 33.000 AR

Beer (THB) and lemon-marinated fish cooked with pickled lemons

Zebu Chimichuri served on its Kabaro pea and sweet potato purée — 33.000 AR

Duck breast with pineapple reduction — 35.000 AR

Inspired by the hinterlands of southern Madagascar, served with creamy garlic potato puré

Lamb with prunes and couscous — 35.000 AR

Sausage rougail — 33.000 AR

Reunionese recipe served with yeloow rice & grains

Burritos with meat of the day or vegetarian — 33.000 AR

Malagasy dishes

Zebu varanga — 33.000 AR

Shreded zebu meat

Lokanga Ravitoto — 33.000 AR

Cassava leaves revisited with pork belly cooked with salt and tomato combava rougail

Romazava with seafood or tofu — 35.000 AR

Fresh malagasy green leaves cooked with angivy: the national highlands dish, in a light broth

Served with red rice and a leafbroth


Crispy chicken nuggets and french fries


Bread reunionese Bouchon Gratiné (pork or chicken )

+One scoop of icecream — 28.000 AR


Ice nougat with speculoos — 22.000 AR

Roasted pineapple & speculoos — 26.000 AR

Roasted pineapple with spices on crunchy speculoos & a scoop of icecream

Two pancakes — 22.000 AR

Coconut caramel flan — 22.000 AR

Chocolate & Ginger Mousse — 18.000 AR

Lokanga Cheese cake & its seasonal coulis — 26.000 AR

Homemade icecream — 10.000 AR/scoop

Banana donut with chocolate sauce and salted butter caramel — 20.000 AR


Homemade bread (butter, jam & honey) yogurts,

cereals, pancakes, cheese, little sweet cakes, fruits,

Fresh Juice, tea, coffee, hot chocolate

Ask the waiter for Eggs & Bacon

BRUNCH : 45.000 AR

Samedi et Dimanche de 09h à 14h

Breakfast buffet (as above)

+ 1 tapas

+ 1 scoop of ice cream

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