The Legend

Lokanga is situated in the oldest part of Antananarivo, and is perched high up on the sacred royal hill.

Long before the French colonized Madagascar, here lived the Queens of the Kingdom with their courtiers and servants. On the site of the Lokanga Boutique Hotel lived the musicians of the Queens, and the name of our hotel is derived from this story – “Lokanga” is a Malagasy violin. Coming out from the nearby Royal courthouse, the prisoners who had been sentenced to death passed in front of the musicians’ house, singing… « Ambohimitsimbina », the name of the neighbourhood, meaning « the hill of sighs », and echoing the « Ponte dei Sospiri » in far away Venice.

In 1930, during the French colonial era, the descendants of the musicians of the Queen, now in exile in Algeria, built a new house, all of bricks and tiles, with a « varangue » (terrace), traditionally oriented west, to contemplate the sunset on the city and rice fields of the Betsimitaratra plains. In the house, you will find portraits of the owner’s great great cousin Aurore, the desk of great grandma Helen, a German Malagasy metis, and the iron bed of great uncle Henry…

We kept it all to achieve my dream and open a charming hotel in the heart of this historical neighbourhood which I have cherished since being child. From 2009 till 2011, the house has been patiently restored, with strict respect of the Malagasy traditional architecture. The old wooden staircase is still here…

In September 2011, Lokanga Boutique Hotel opens, in memory of my ancestors and relatives, Malagasy, metis and Europeans who all adopted Madagascar as their homeland ; and a modest testimony to this historical area, a National landmark we must strive to protect.

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