The Restaurant

Lokanga’s restaurant is open everyday except on Mondays, when a shorter menu is available only for the guests accommodated at the Hotel.

We serve Malagasy and French cuisine.

Amongst our local specials : the Malagasy Tsaky Tsaky (local apetizers), our seafood Romazava, the Maskitas (zebu skewers) with peanut sauce, the Vanilla Seafood fricassé, the Duck in baobab sauce… And for the sweet tooth : the Panacotta & baobab coulis, the menakely and Mofo Gasy (Malagasy donuts) in caramel and strawberry coulis, the red rice pudding flavoured with cinnamon & vanilla, the carambole icecream…

Are also very appreciated: our fish carpaccio, our foie gras poelé in honey sauce, our Zebu Rossini, our chocolate brownie & sorbet…

At the end of the day, you can enjoy a Sundowner (foie gras & sweet white wine) contemplating the sunset on Antananarivo from our terrace.

Our foie gras, tarts, bread, jams, exotic ice creams & sorbets are all homemade. We also offer a choice for vegetarians : corn & ginger soup, chop suey or Thai curry…

Guests can dine on our terrace overlooking the city or inside our cosy living room heated by our chimney.

Booking is always recommended.

We can also arrange cocktails and special events on request (35 guests as a maximum).

Please contact us

As we say in Malagasy : “Mazotoa!”

See the restaurant menu

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